WSLHD Digital Repository - a work in progress

The Western Sydney Local Health District Digital Repository has been developed to collect, preserve and promote the significant amount of important research published by staff and to preserve our photos and other archival material and reports. The WSLHD eLibrary is a fully searchable database and satisfies the open access requirements of the Australian Research Council (ARC) and National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC).

The WSLHD Digital Repository has a number of communities broken down into collections. At present the communities are:

        • Staff Publications
        • Historical Archive of photos 
        • Author Profiles

Staff Publications

Staff Publication is an institutional repository that identifies, captures, stores and facilitates retrieval of the research and publication output of past and present members of staff of Western Sydney Local Health District. It is anticipated that, once completed, staff, will be able to self-submit their research publications and outcomes. This repository will provide a single access point of current and comprehensive research outcomes. The repository aims to contribute to the achievement of the WSLHD objectives by:

        • Promoting an increased awareness of research across the WSLHD
        • Promoting researchers and reward research achievements
        • Engaging with the WSLHD Community

There are over 2,000 publications currently in this repository for Blacktown Mount Druitt Hospital but all facility libraries will be adding to this collection in due course. 

Historical Archive

The district has archival material of its history in the form of reports, photographs and realia (objects). This is currently dispersed but it is the aim of the libraries to digitise archival material and make this available on the repository. We have started on this project with a number of items from Blacktown Mount Druitt being added as a pilot project by Parnita Singh.

If you have any photos of historical significance to WSLHD you may contact Parnita and she will facilitate the digitising of these items. 

Author Profiles

Author Profile information is captured and made available as a searchable repository. This work is being added to on a regular basis.

View our Digital Repository at: https://wslhd.intersearch.com.au/wslhdjspui/


BMDH Publishers

Can't find the article you have written in the repository? Contact a member of the Library staff and we'll add this to our repository. 

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Library Staff:                                                                                                               

Kathleen McMillan, Library Manager phone: 9851 6022 or 0405030481 email: Kathleen.mcmillan@health.nsw.gov.au

Parnita Singh, Library Technician phone: 9851 6032 email: Parnita.singh@health.nsw.gov.au

Anne Gray, Library Technician phone: 9851 6130 or 9881 1637 email: Anne.gray@health.nsw.gov.au